The FMG3D Blog

The FMG3D Blog is a website managed by Finn M Glas.

It serves the purpose of sharing some of my designs, ideas et cetera. Those include, but are not limited to: 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Robotics and Software.

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Tracking and Cookies

The site itself does set some cookies to track the user’s (your) theme settings.

Google-analytics may set a cookie too, you can easily prevent that by running uBlock origin in your Browser. Starting the page, analytics is just useful to see if there’s actually anyone visiting the site.

In articles with embedded YouTube videos, some cookies may as well be set.

Licenses and Attribution

Used tools and libraries

This site is rendered using Hugo, its theme is based on the hello-friend theme by @panr.

For rendering the 3D models, I used three.js - just an amazing project. The stl-viewer concept is inspired by an article by Anthony Biondo, some of his MIT licensed code went into this blog as well.

Thanks to everyone involved in the free- and open-source projects implicitly used in included libraries and code snippets. You did some amazing work!


Whenever my posts include affiliate links or commission, I disclose that in a statement below the respective post. Such links are marked with a star (*).

Missing Attribution

I am dearly sorry if I forgot your attribution somewhere on this site. In that case, please just reach out to me on Twitter so I can include it thereafter.