Yayy! Another website project. Why?

Indeed, I spent months working on web-projects before, just to see them fail miserably, one after another. At this point in my life, I could technically just use my age as an excuse… I am 18 years old, so why should I build something useful now? Why work hard on something now if I could do it in my late twenties?

‘Cause now ’s the only time there ever is to do a thing in.

Okay. Reasonable. While this website, FMG3D.com, is not exactly a great or meaningful thing quite yet, it may at least fail a little less then all my other projects. I reserved the domain today (the 2021-05-04). At first I just liked the domain name… but I figured, if I own it, why not do something that actually works?

Cheers. Another project, I guess.

What’s the plan?

Getting Started

The most important lesson Software development has taught me, is that, if I do not get a minimal viable product (MVP) within a day… I won’t get one in a week either… I won’t get one at all, as Motivation rapidly fades.

Ideas and projects don’t go away in an explosion (usually) - they fade away over time. How long that takes, depends on the amount of people involved.

So, I built this prototype, an MVP, within the same day I reserved the domain. In fact, I am writing this article on that same day.

The Future

That’s where things get actually interesting. Over the past months, I have mostly uploaded my 3D prints and designs to Thingiverse, the 3DPrinting Subreddit (link to my reddit) and on YouTube.

Now, that I got this site, I can just upload my designs and insights here. Great. Maybe even a little valuable to some random people out there looking for some design, tips or inspiration.

Concluding the post, and this first day of working on the project… I really am looking forward to seeing what I will do with this amazing new platform : )

- Finn M Glas, 2021-05-05 00:06:54 GMT+2